Latex, latex colours and latex strengths


We process high-quality latex of the company Four D Rubber from England.

Latex colours

The possible latex colours are indicated directly in the shop with the respective product. Select main colour and/or contrasting colour. Then you see under the choice criteria a preview photo of the latex colour well-chosen in each case.
Please, note that the indicated colours on the screen can deviate according to computer setting from the actual colour.
In our showroom you can take personally all latex colours in inspection and feel of course also. In addition, there is in our on-line shop the possibility to acquire an extensive
latex-colour pattern set for sale.

Latex strengths

For our repertoire we use the following latex strengths:
approx. 0.35 mm, approx. 0.60 mm, approx. 0.90 mm and approx. 1.2 mm.

Not all colours are produced in all latex strengths. Hence, we have put together for you in the following an overview which colours there are in which strength.

approx. 0.35 mm
In approx. 0.35 mm of latex strength all latex colours from the latex-colour pattern set are available.
On account of the variety and partly also to very special colours in the latex strength of 0.35 mm every latex colour is not performed with the products in the latex strength of approx. 0.35 mm. Should your favorite colour be absent, contact us please.


approx. 0.60 mm:
black, red, royal blue, yellow, orange, plum, clinic-red, olive-green, deep brown, light blue, navy blue, semi transparent natural, smoke grey transparent, grey, white

approx. 0.90 mm
black, red, royal blue, yellow, clinic-red, olive-green, deep brown, navy blue, semi transparent natural, white

approx. 1.2 mm
black, red